Software Producing Organizations are increasingly engineering Very Large Software Systems. This presents many challenges such as service compositions, maintaining end-user variability, deployment on heterogeneous cloud ecosystems, system security, error handling and re-configuration.

The NEXT version of AFAS' ERP software is completely generated, cloud-based and tailored for a particular enterprise, based on an ontological model of that enterprise. The ontological enterprise model will be expressive enough to fully describe the real-world enterprise of virtually any customer, and as well form the main foundation for generating an entire software suite on a cloud infrastructure platform of choice: AFAS NEXT is entirely platform- and database-independent. AFAS NEXT will enable rapid model-driven application development and will drastically increase customization flexibility for AFAS' partners and customers, based on a software generation platform that is future proof for any upcoming technologies. 

The AMUSE research project is an academic collaboration between Universiteit Utrecht, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, and AFAS Software to address software composition, configuration, deployment and monitoring challenges on heterogeneous cloud ecosystems through ontological enterprise modelling.